Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Adventure Story On - The Thrill of a Lifetime

New Adventure Story On - The Thrill of a Lifetime

As she jumped off the Solang Valley in a para glider, a bout of hitherto unfelt thrill shot through her veins. She had always wanted to this ever since she saw her mom do it a couple of years ago when they were holidaying in the region. Her parents thought she was far too young to attempt the adventurous task and forbade her from doing so. But now that she was a teenager, she was allowed her first real spurt at a mountain sport.

Her younger brother looked at her in awe as she strapped up and then plunged into the valley. In a few seconds, she was far away from where her family stood on the hilltop, and gliding away. She saw the majestic beauty of the mountains in the region, the undulating hills and valleys, the streams that were like blue creepers on the ground, the lush green trees and the grass, which seemed like a huge carpet laid out for her to set feet on.

Maya had never known such happiness and joy. She was literally on a cloud. Her instructor turned the glider towards the large playground where they were going to land, and she felt a bit sad that this wonderful journey was coming to an end. She couldn’t ask her parents if she could take another shot at it. They would be uncomfortable. And, as it is, the family had other plans, and time was limited.

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