Friday, October 23, 2009

New Advertising Article : Internet Advertising - Up, Up & Away

New Advertising Article : Internet Advertising - Up, Up & Away

Marketers all across the globe have since long recognized Advertising as one of the most important elements of the marketing mix and relied upon it as an effective awareness generation tool. Not only has advertising made it possible to inform prospective consumers about the launch of a new product, advertising campaigns have also played a vital role in influencing consumer buying decisions.

Creative, offbeat and well targetted advertisements create a favourable image of the product in the minds of the consumers, making them realize their inherent need for the product.

Traditional Media
Over the years, traditional advertising media tools such as print, television and radio have become extremely cluttered with too many brands and products vying for the consumers' attention. Add to this, the global recession which has taken its toll on Companies, both large and small, forcing them to rethink their strategies on advertising investments - the guiding force being to look at such advertising options that can provide maximum Return on Investments (ROI).

Over To Internet Advertising        
For over a year now, recession hit Companies have been studying the Online Advertising arena, especially Internet Advertising as a means to target those audiences who are most active online, especially the youth.

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