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Remembering Mahatma Gandhi - His Principles, Beliefs & Teachings

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi - His Principles, Beliefs & Teachings

As we celebrate 2nd Oct- Our beloved Bapu's Birthday, let's read a little about his ideals, teachings and principles.......

"I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills" this is what M.K. Gandhi said about his principles which revolutionized the world.

He dreamt that we inculcate those ethics and values and practice in our daily system. But even more than half a century after independence do we really see a glimpse of it anywhere? We could see only one thing and that was publicly criticize him for his ideals. Is violence only a means to set our system in order? Can't we people surrogate the issue by peace? You have corruption, nepotism, sleaze rampaging up day by day no doubt, and you have a very good bureaucratic gibberish system which conceals you to fight for the people but seldom does it. So in this chaos do we break our bones to solve the issues? The only question that requires to be answered is why do we hate him so much? The answer is simple-inadequate knowledge about the mahatma, his deeds, and his untiring contribution to this country. Do we have an estimate of the power of truth?

Have we ever tried to build the pillars of "ahimsa"? Well in an ocean where there are islands of darkness groping up who cares for this? The need for the day is shun down the egoist attitude, the mutual distrust with which we are passing. That's why the need arises for mahatma to be justified.

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