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Simple Resume Tips: It’s all about Creating a Good First Impression

Simple Resume Tips: It’s all about Creating a Good First Impression

Writing a well rounded, goal oriented resume and updating it regularly are two essential exercises every smart job seeker should indulge in. Resume writing can be simple if you keep certain standard resume tips in mind and these include –

1. Focus on your Goals: Your resume serves as a means to land that essential job interview rather than the job itself. The first and foremost job of a resume is to make a strong clear and favourable first impression so that the interviewer is interested to meet with you in person. Hence, while preparing your resume, keep this purpose in mind.

2. Make your Resume Clutter-Free: Interviewers scan through a large number of resumes everyday and are usually pressed for time. Hence, it is in your best interests to make your resume as focused as possible. This means that you should refrain from including irrelevant details in your resume that serve absolutely no purpose and do not help your case in any way. Remember to make your resume specific!

3. Practice Prioritization: Put the most important details first in your resume and follow a stable pattern throughout your resume. Random format changes are not recommended.

4. Plan and Prepare: Each and every piece of information that goes on your resume must be carefully thought out – whether it is your choice of fonts or order followed in presenting relevant information. A little planning can go a long way in making your resume well targeted.

5. Truth and Nothing but the Truth: Your resume is not the place to exaggerate. State the truth and nothing but the truth to make your resume genuine. Lies presented in a resume are discovered soon or later and can tarnish your image forever.

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