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Firing an Employee - When & How : New HR Article on

Firing an Employee - When & How : New HR Article on

Being in the IT Enabled industry with highest attrition levels, firing an employee would be like a pinch of salt on an open wound. But sometimes, a small pinch of salt is required on the wound to stop it from getting further infected.

According to statistics compiled by the National Human Resource Development Network, attrition rates in IT-enabled business process outsourcing sector have come down from 30-33 per cent being witnessed off late to about 25 per cent now. Despite this being a much discussed issue, firing is essential because retention of non performers affects group morale. Poor employees reduce team performance by wasting time and efforts of other workers.

Often managers have to have this most hated and highly uncomfortable confrontation with an employee; firing. The response that the manager will get is quite unpredictable, as some may agree with on the failures and some may want to go on an extended argument, sometimes getting a little "physical". The manager has to be fully prepared before firing someone as to how he handles this demanding confrontation can decide how the rest of the employees look upon the manager and the company as a whole.

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