Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is round the corner. Decorated trees fill our hearts with gladness of the season. People are seen wearing the color red because it is the colour of vigour, vivacity and cheerfulness. Children are waiting with bated breath for Santa to arrive with his huge bag of gifts. Adults are running to complete their shopping list. The spirit of this wonderful festival brings joy and cheer to one and all. 

C : Charity
Keep your heart open and give to the poor and needy. Your unconditional help in cash or kind will open doors of heavenly satisfaction. There is always greater joy in giving than receiving, the smile on your maid's child's face when you give her some left over food, or old clothes, will make your heart sing. So give freely. Give with joy.
H: Humility
Be humble in all aspects of your life. Humility will enhance your character. Rise above petty feelings of hatred and jealousy. Open the doors of your heart to love, kindness and generosity.
R: Respect
If you want respect for yourself, you have to respect others as well. Be it your elders, acquaintances or anyone you meet, give them the respect they deserve.
I: Implementation
Do not forget to implement all your good ideas into action. Everyday should be greeted with positive new thoughts, which should be implemented into your daily routine with hope, joy and optimism.
S: Serenity
Try to keep yourself as well as your surroundings as serene as possible. A serene person tends to emanate love and peace all around.

T: Thankfulness
Christmas reminds us to be thankful for all we have. God always gives us what we need and when we need it. Never more and not before the right time. Don't forget to thank the Lord for his gifts of Love, Mercy and Humanity along with your material needs.
M: Motivation
The most important thing in life is Motivation. If you do not have that, your life cannot move on. Everyday when you get up, motivate yourself to be kind, hard working, loving and generous.
A: Ability
You must have the ability to do things in this world. Only wanting something is not enough. Make yourself an able person in order to lead a normal healthy life. 
S: Sanctity
Lastly, live peacefully in the sanctity of God's eternal love and protection. Vow to make this world a better place for yourself as well as everyone else. 

Living in harmony with your fellow-beings is the true Spirit of Christmas.

The team at wishes each one of you a Merry Christmas!

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