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UNESCO World Heritage Site - Sundarban National Park : Call of the Wild, West Bengal India

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Sundarban National Park : Call of the Wild, West Bengal India
Gear up for tracking the tigers in the wilderness. The upcoming season is an exciting one for all the adventure lovers. No matters what’s the age. What I believe is, one need not be young to enjoy some of the things that seem so intimidating. There are many options within range that can add zing to life. Even a simple walk through the national park can be an exhilarating experience.

A tiger trail is an experience in itself. Powerful and stealthy, the tiger is the largest and heaviest of the cat family and much feared by other animals and humans alike. The Bengal tiger has the classic orange and black tiger’s coat. It patrols its own territory and usually hunts alone, stalking its prey or killing it by ambush. Immensely strong, it can bring down animals much larger than itself. Once common throughout Asia, the Bengal tiger is now restricted to small areas India and the surrounding countries.

India has some of the world’s top end national parks and wildlife sanctuaries whose area extends several thousands of square kilometers and where wildlife can be observed in its natural surroundings. One such national park is the Sundarban National Park in West Bengal. Where the land meets the sea at the southern tip of West Bengal lies the Indian Sunderbans, with a series of densely forested islands and saline water channels, Sundarbans is home to Royal Bengal Tiger( Panthera tigris ) along with the spotted deer’s, wild pigs, Wild boars, Porcupines, Rhesus macaque, herons, kingfishers and white-bellied eagles.

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