Friday, January 29, 2010

Missed Call - The Cell Phone Has Become an Extension of our Personality

Missed Call - The Cell Phone Has Become an Extension of our Personality

The cell phone, nowadays, has become an extension of our personality. From the handsets, wallpapers, themes, ring tones to caller tunes, everything is selected to make a statement. It is so much a part of one’s personality that its loss is mourned on par- if not more- with the loss of a dear one. We have certainly traveled a lot since the day of advent of the cell phone in India in the late 90’s. From an item of luxury it has transformed itself into an inseparable part of our psyche.

The cell phones today come with a lot of facilities. There is a music player, FM player, video player, camera, calculator, internet etc- everything at your fingertip. Of course, the power of SMS is such that it needs no elaboration. The cell phone manufacturers compete with each other with newer functions appearing everyday. The day is not far off when the cell phone would make all other gadgets redundant.

There is, however, one facility of the cell phone that is grossly understated or perhaps not even advertised- the power of missed call. As students we were told the power of body language- the subtle messages that we give by our gestures without saying anything. The missed call, for all practical purposes, is the body language of the cell phone. It is giving rise to an unspoken understanding that it is unique to each person.

For instance, I know that my husband has reached office when I get a missed call. I know when he has started for home courtesy a missed call. There are more missed call codes that I share with him. Similarly I have my own set of missed call codes with each of my friends. How exciting it is to know a person’s mind without even talking to them. Just like body language, missed call would soon become a science and an area of active research. I guess the mobile operators have also to think something out of the box to tap the unused potential of missed calls- just to avoid missing out on a golden opportunity.

Guest Post By: Deepa Sinha I write to give wings to my creativity.


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