Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Idiots - A Review

Three Idiots - A Review

The film “Three Idiots” is a smashing hit. As everyone knows it is an entertainer with a message. Nothing sums up this message better than the dialogue from the film: “kaamyab nahin kaabil bano”. Though most of us have enjoyed the movie and sided with Ranchoddas in his battle with Prof. Sahastrabuddhe, it is interesting to note that in our real life we may be much more closer to the Prof. than the “Idiot” Ranchoddas. Why is it so? Why we are not like Ranchod with whom every one seems to identify himself with in the film? The reason is not far to seek. In fact we should look no further than what the character Raju Rastogi says in the film-“It is easier to preach than to practice.”

Though we would not dare to admit it, we are certainly like a refined Prof Sahastrabuddhe. We keep telling our children not to bother about marks but get distressed more than him when he loses even half a mark. We may keep telling them that they have to take their own decisions but impose our will through subtle ways. We may keep telling him that he should do the thing that interests him but keep sending him to various classes on the pretext of “constructive recreation”. We keep telling them that it is more important to understand a subject but ensure that they end up cramming everything.

It is no wonder then that so many suicides have rocked the country in the past few days. All of them would be dismissed as mere suicides but as Ranchod says in the film they are, in fact, murder committed by the pressure that we so relentlessly apply on our children’s brain. This mad rat race is certainly not getting us anywhere. It is only taking away the childhood of so many and turning them into mere robots. With this method of making our children “grow” we would certainly not need even machines in future.

Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani can keep patting themselves but the Sahastrabuddhe’s far outnumber the Chajed’s and their legion is not going to be any lesser because of their effort. Lets hope, in the interest of society, that it would be the other way round in a few years or decades time. Till such time let all of us pretend that “All Izz Well”.

Guest Post By: Deepa Sinha I write to give wings to my creativity.

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anu said...

Thanks for the message.I will honestly try to prctice this in the days to come!!!!Keep wririting...........It may benefit many like me!!!!