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Time and Productivity - Appraisal Tools : HR Article

Time and Productivity - Appraisal Tools : HR Article

December, the appraisal time. Everybody waits for this eagerly but after this most of your employees complain of unfair evaluation. And you at the other end are not able to gauge the real thing. Sometimes the employees’ voice goes unheard. This can lead to dissatisfaction among them and hence hampering the productivity and ultimately the revenue of the company.  All this sometimes leads to a bad image in the market as well and hence you can end up as a non preferred employer.           

The time and productivity tool acts as a scale to measure the work and performance of the employees. This ensures the uniform and perfect gauging of the employees’ work and hence leaving no room for injustice and ensures transparency.

This will measure all the work done by the employees on a common scale and after having the data about the employees, you can prepare a report or rank them on that scale and decide the salary hikes, promotions etc. on that basis.

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