Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Twist of Fate - New Inspirational Short Story on Contentwriter.in

A Twist of Fate - New Inspirational Short Story on Contentwriter.in

Charlie Taylor sits alone at his kitchen’s table, surrounded by stacks of countless bills. Medical, utilities, collections. The television rambles in the adjoining room. Charlie’s wife sleeps almost lifeless down the short hallway in the bedroom cluttered from years of paranoid hoarding.

“Charlie! Can you get me a glass of water? My mouth is dry.” Cries Charlie’s wife hopelessly. Charlie answers without hesitation “Yes! Dear, in a minute.” Charlie picks himself up from the unsteady chair that squeaks and crack from Charlie’s quick movement. He grabs a clean glass from the crowded drain pan. Filling the spotless glass he then carries it to the bedroom to his wife in waiting. “Thank! You Charlie. I don’t know what I would do without you.” She replies in a weak voice. She grabs the glass with both hands gulping its contents, she gasps in relief when she finishes.

“Oh! I needed that.” She sounds in relief. She then questions, “What are you doing Charlie?” “Oh! nothing, I’m just going through the bills to see what we have.” Charlie’s wife appearing troubled responds sadly, “All doctor’s bills right? How do you put up with someone like me Charlie? You could of have a better life wife someone else, but instead you gave all that up to be stuck with someone like me.” “Don’t! say that,” Charlie scolds. “If I was sick I know sure as hell you’d be right here by my side. I don’t want to hear you say something like that again. Things will get better, you’ll get better, wait and see, God hasn’t forgotten us.”

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Anonymous said...

Great and inspiring story I enjoyed it from start to finish, Great ending too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good story hits home and is painted with today's reality