Monday, February 22, 2010

Women Empowerment & The Planning Process - New Article on

Women Empowerment & The Planning Process - New Article on

“ A Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. ” - Swami Vivekanda.

"In most of the developing countries today, more and more emphasis is laid on the need for development of women and their active participation in the main stream of development process. It is also widely recognized that apart from managing household, bearing children, rural women bring income with productive activities ranging from traditional work in the fields to working' in factories or running small and petty businesses. They have also proven that they can be better entrepreneurs and development managers in any kind of human development activities. Therefore, it is important and utmost necessary to make rural women empowered in taking decisions to enable them to be in the central part of any human development process. The Empowerment of Women also considered as an active process enabling women to realize their full identity and power in all spheres of life.

The all round development of women has been one of the focal point of planning process in India. 

The First Five-Year Plan (1951-56) envisaged a number of welfare measures for women. Establishment of the Central Social Welfare Board, organization of Mahila Mandals and the Community Development Programmes were a few steps in this direction.       

In the second Five-Year Plan (1956-61), the empowerment of women was closely linked with the overall approach of intensive agricultural development programmes. 

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