Monday, March 22, 2010

New Article on - Benefits of Telephone Coaching

Benefits of Telephone Coaching : Over the Phone Communication Between Coach & Coachee

Coaching, in general, and action learning, in particular, has to be a focused process. Telephone coaching does enable a total concentration, from both coach and coachee, on what is essential: COACHING and nothing else. 

Visual distractions are removed from the interaction, enhancing the effectiveness of communicating the message and information across.

From the Comfort of your own Safe Heaven. Coaching sessions are usually short, compared to training, for a particular reason: INTENSITY. Coaching is a self-reflective process requiring a sustained effort during the entire session, to analyze, reflect upon, and formulate actions toward a particular, or several, situations. It may not always be possible or convenient for clients to arrange their own schedule during work hours, where on-going work related issues and distractions might affect their level of concentration and, overall, their level of implication toward the coaching process. By making their own arrangements, in terms of setting for the telephone sessions, clients also guaranty the CONFIDENTIALITY of the relationship, where no one will have to know the content and details of their coaching session.

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