Monday, April 19, 2010

Are You a Target for Social Networking Identity Theft? - New Article

Are You a Target for Social Networking Identity Theft?

Social networking.  Most of us do it. For some of us it’s an addiction. But it can be dangerous. Social networking identity theft is on the rise as more and more identity thieves adapt to this increasingly easy way to steal your identity. Once they have your identity, the sky’s the limit. They can drain your bank account, run up your credit, and virtually destroy you financially. And it all starts with some “innocent” communication online.

Social Networking Identity Theft: The Statistics The social networking identity theft statistics are in, and they aren’t pretty. According to PC World, one third of members of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and MySpace have at least three pieces of personal information posted on their profile that can make stealing their identity easy for identity thieves.

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Anonymous said...

Published a book several years ago noting my date of birth. Found out a year later that someone had used my name and birth date in a traffic stop not presenting a license, said, "They had forgotten it that paricular day" Police officer accepted that excuse ticketing the driver which lead to a warrant for my arrest