Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspirational Story about Orphan Girl - Miracle & God's Reward

Inspirational Story about an Orphan Girl - Miracle & God's Reward

The heavens shone with a million stars. The whisper’s of angels circled in the cosmic dust. Lily the littlest of angels stood within the palm of God’s hand. God’s eyes gleamed like two of the most brilliant diamonds, their light reflecting through the universe. “Lily, you are one of my sweetest creations, and with you I am so pleased.” Whispers God gently. Lily just smiles and blushes as a hush sweeps over the vast heavens. Lily was the tiny angel chosen by God to flutter her lily white wings within the hearts of all sad children, causing them to smile joyously and quelling their tears.

On the earth below enchanted by the large droplets of rain falling outside her window at St. John’s Orphanage stands six year old Miranda in her pink flowered dress. Her only dress. “Asian Flower” the sisters called her, for she radiated all the beauties of her Asian ancestry.

As she stands enchanted Nurse Joan stops by announcing, “Hello! Miranda, my beautiful flower. How are you this Morning?”Miranda turns in excitement and with an exuberant smile blurts, “Nurse Joan! Nurse Joan! I was waiting for you to read to me. Please! Nurse Joan, will you read that story for me.” “What story is that Miranda?” Nurse Joan questions with a smile.

“The story by James. The one you read for me yesterday. The one you said was written for me. You know the one Nurse Joan? Asian flower!” “Oh! That one.” Responds Joan with a shrug of her shoulders. “Of course I’ll read that one. As a matter of fact that’s my favorite also. But Miranda, as I said yesterday, that’s what we call a poem, not a story, but a poem.” Miranda’s eyes appear to sparkle as she shrugs innocently.    

“Well nurse Joan, that po-em, that’s what you call it right?” Joan nods in agreement. “Well! That po-em is the nicest story I’ve ever heard. And I could listen to James’ stories forever. Joan takes a seat upon Miranda’s bed, as Miranda cuddles next to her awaiting to hear the heavenly poem once again. Joan flips the latches on her small briefcase removing Miranda’s book of dreams. Miranda’s eyes widen in astonishment awaiting the angelic words from Joan’s smooth lips.

As Joan recites Miranda cradles her arm glancing once again towards the window. Her glance quickly becomes a hypnotic stare enraptured by the words Joan carefully picks from the page Each word consumed by Miranda’s sensitive heart. When Joan is finished Miranda questions innocently, “Nurse Joan, is James an angel?” Joan with a soft giggle answers, “Well! Of course not Miranda, he’s a normal person just like You or I, a writer and what most people would call an artist.” Miranda frowns slight then says, “Um…He sure writes like an angel Nurse Joan. Maybe he is an angel and isn’t telling anybody?”

“Maybe you’re right Miranda.” Joan replies “Maybe he is, and if that’s what you think you keep thinking it. It’s always nice to dream Miranda, and many times dreams come true just like yours will someday.” “You mean like having a family of my own? A mommy and daddy who can take me to the park and I’ll have a big dog with a loud bark that will chase away all mean people. And I can play with him in a big backyard and kiss him and hug him. And if I do I’ll call that big dog James. He’ll be just like my guardian angel. I’ll take care of him and he’ll take care of me.

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