Friday, June 04, 2010

Celebrating World Environment Day 5th June - New Poem on

Celebrating World Environment Day 5th June - Dustbins : New Poem on

What wrong have we done? No one dares ( or is scared) to cross our path,
Perchance when people stumble upon us – with noses covered they flee.

Our fate do we accept with dignity, But the scorn and utter neglect,
For the destiny stamped upon us, From man makes us truly sick.

Imagine the dilemma and the chaos, If we dont exist –
The mortality and the epidemics, If we don't labor.

We carry the burden of one and all,
No grief nor remorse – Always ready to take more.

The vagabonds and orphaned ones, Fill their stomachs sumptuously
from our coffers – these noble deeds vouchsafe our service to society.

Sacrifice is our forte, And magnanimity is our slogan,
Hence I beckon my brethren, To plough on these verses for

The next time you tread near us, We expect a smile in place of a spit!

Contributed By -  Gladwin George
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