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The Geek Predictor - Football World Cup, Inception 1930 - New Article on

The Geek Predictor - Football World Cup, Inception 1930 - New Article on

The Football World Cup, since its inception in 1930 was not always played by teams who actually qualified for it, due to undue political interventions and boycotts. 1954 can be marked as the year when for the first time World Cup was actually played by teams who qualified for it, 36 teams entered the qualifiers and 16 of them entered the finals. The   2010 FIFA World Cup will be the only year in its long history when all the teams participating will have participated in the qualifiers, the hosts South Africa was required to play them since performance in these qualifiers was used as a benchmark for qualification towards African Cup of Nations. The Geek Predictor would use this as an opportunity to predict the winner analyzing the history of the results of the teams who participated in the qualifiers and went on to win the World Cup.

Since 1954, 14 World Cup tournaments have taken place where 4 were won by the hosts and 1 was won by holders Brazil in 1962. Thus, 9 World Cup tournaments were won by the team who actually participated in the qualifiers. Brazil, the winners of 1958 World Cup qualified for the finals by winning a virtual play-off against Peru after Venezuela withdrew from their group, thus 1958 World Cup qualifiers cannot be used for analysis and prediction of 2010 winners.     

The Brazilian team of 1970 is incomparable to any other team ever to have graced the football pitch, and numbers do not lie either, the team had the best per match scoring rate of 3.75 and conceded only 0.33 goals per match, which gave them the best per match winning margin of 3.5 goals in qualifiers, which ranks best among all the teams that has ever won the World Cup.

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