Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ragging : Creating Fear in the Name of Fun

Ragging : Creating Fear in the Name of Fun

Rude Aggression IN Groups (Ragging)

Ragging is any misconduct which has the effect of teasing or handling any student with rudeness which in turn can cause annoyance, harm or can raise fear in a junior (student) affecting his mental health. 

A report provided by an Indian anti-ragging activist group Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE) analyzed 64 ragging cases and found that over 60% of these were physical ragging, and 20% were sexual in nature. This provides a solid proof that ragging which is usually practiced by seniors just for fun end up instilling fear in the minds of those being ragged.

Slowly over the past few decades, this has become a part of the culture of the college culture. Ragging can be classified into many levels. It ranges from doing it just for the sake of doing it or purely for fun to seniors taking revenge over the juniors usually for quite silly reasons. Some of the common conventions of funny ragging are asking juniors to swim on land, dance, sing or even to ask a lift to an aeroplane flying overhead. These are completely harmless and are meant to be taken in a lighter vein.

But the extreme kind of it is dangerous where seniors go to the juniors’ hostel rooms and torture them physically by beating them to bruises. Sometimes when things go beyond a limit ,seniors turn oppressors which can even result in a junior being killed. So, it is the duty of college institutions to take severe steps to prevent this sort of havoc to students.  

Seniors on the other hand, must never resort to such practices. Even slight changes in the present day education system like introducing value education and teaching students to handle situations can make wonders in stopping this evil.

Guest Post By :  Vimalesh Mallya

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