Monday, June 21, 2010

Tips on Good Parenting : Limiting The Demands Of Our Kids

Tips on Good Parenting : Limiting The Demands Of Our Kids

The commonest of all the problems is that most of the kids get easily fascinated by the toys and belongings of other kids, resulting in demand for the same thing from their parents. This happens so frequently that it becomes very difficult for parents to fulfill all their  day to day demands. And it is more difficult to deal with the kids in the age group of 3-5 years. They live in such a self centered world that they do what they want to do and for that, they can create all sorts of nuisance anytime, anywhere ultimately forcing the parent to get the things done.

How can you get this matter resolved? Your child is not ready to listen to you till you get him what he wants. Threatening, nagging, punishing will worsen the situation. So there is no scope for that. Bribing him for some other thing leads to the rise of other problems. He may listen to you for sometime but he comes back to his point and insists that he wants the same thing. So this is also not going to work. 

But something needs to be done because fulfilling one demand will definitely give rise to another demand and this will continue. But how to limit their demands?

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