Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Are We Forgetting Our Manners? - New Article on

Are We Forgetting Our Manners? - New Article on

Lessons learnt in school and during childhood are often forgotten as we grow older and progress in life: move from one grade to the other, enter college, complete further studies and eventually enter the professional arena. However, certain lessons in life are just too important and should never be forgotten if we want to live a happy, conscientious and fulfilling life.           

We have all been taught in our school days, the importance of minding our P’s & Q’s. Yet, at the slightest opportunity, youngsters and even adults today choose to be rude and show total disrespect for others.

I often observe individuals in public places – at malls, markets and those travelling via public transport and I am amazed to see how people seem to be forgetting their manners.

What makes it worse is the fact that educated youngsters are generally the worst behaved. Even though they portray themselves as modern and smart individuals, they lack hugely in terms of behaviour, common courtesy and mannerisms.

I was recently waiting in queue at a food court of a swanky Delhi Mall when all of a sudden, a young lady simply broke the queue and moved first in line, ignoring the fact that I was waiting before her. 

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