Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Disabled of Body, Joyous in Heart & Mind - My Memories of Shambhu - Content Supports the Cause of  Empowering People With Disabilities

When I was a little girl, I knew a man called Shambhu.  He was one from the line of dependents my father looked after. He belonged to our  native place in India and had moved to another far-off city where my aunt lived with her husband. 

My father had sent him there to help his sister and her family, by doing odd jobs for them. One evening in Calcutta, now Kolkata, we were surprised to find Shambhu at our door-step. He had come all the way just to meet us.  

He had a cloth tied to his waste and asked me to open it. I did the same and was thrilled to see a box of my favourite sweat-meats from my aunt’s town. Shambhu slowly slid down to the floor beaming at us. “My God, Shambhu, why did you come from such a far off place?” asked my mother. He replied in his simple way, “I wanted to see you all”.

Shambhu had only one leg. His other leg had been amputated a long time back. He had  met with an accident in his youth. He kept a long wooden pole to which he clung with his good leg and walked forward, jumping with his wooden support. He was so used to moving forward in this fashion that he could reach his destination in no time. 

As a young girl, I used to admire his courage and was quite in awe of him. 

That day when I offered to help him get up from the floor, he refused saying, “No, no there is no need”. He got up and said to me in a secretive voice, “Do you know, I can travel free. No one asks me for tickets. Next time I come, I will get you these sweets you like and any other thing you want”. This happened a long time back. 

However, till date I can never forget my fading memories of this kind, jovial, courageous man who had no regrets being physically challenged and knew how to live his life at peace with God and his disability.

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