Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleep Disturbed : Reason for my Insomnia - New Musing

Musical Agony : Reason for my Insomnia - New Musing

I say my prayers, close my eyes and fall into bed to embrace the sweet oblivion of sleep. Suddenly, the tenants on the floor above decide to arrange their furniture. “What an ungodly hour to do this!” I fume.

After what seems like an eternity, at last, the pushing and shoving ceases, and my eyes feel heavy with sleep. Suddenly, my neighbour’s dog starts barking. He decides to communicate with his buddies across the street. After discussing what each of them had for dinner, by God’s grace, the animal decides to rest and again I look forward to peaceful slumber.

It is midnight now and I am still preparing to sleep.

At last, sleep claims me when the grating sound of the chowkidar’s iron rod on the cemented pathway pulls me out of my cosy reverie. I fret and fume and hate the world for not letting me sleep!
I am awake till 2am, listening to the various night sounds together with the chowkidar’s musical agony.

At last I enter deep slumber only to realise that it is time to rise and shine - a new day has dawned!

Contributed by Amita

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