Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Employee Retention - How to Motivate Your Employees : HR Article

Employee Retention - How to Motivate Your Employees : HR Article

Ask any successful employer what his greatest strength is and you can bet, his reply will be - his employees! I was recently speaking to the CEO of a medium sized company and heard him complaining about the fact that he has to give a bonus to his employees on festivals and special occasions. 

He said "And what do I get in return? I don't get any bonus!!".

This statement made me feel that employers, whether big or small, often do not realize that their core strength lies in the people who work for them.  A happy and motivated employee will go out of his way to do his job well.
Here are some ways in which you can motivate your employees -
    * Interact - Talk to your employees regularly. Understand their needs, discuss their problems and find out their concerns. Daily discussions can help you to understand your employees better.

    * Appreciate -  A job well done should be appreciated and encouraged. Just as employees remember harsh words, they remember and cherish appreciation too.

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