Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If Africa had snowy winters : Guest Post, Musing About Africa

If Africa had snowy winters : Guest Post, Musing About Africa

While sitting on a terrace in an Istanbul hostel watching the rain fall hard on the roofs and windows, it is easy to contrast and differentiate the availability and operations of systems in Europe to those of Africa. I say Africa here rather than naming the individual countries, not that I have travelled through all the 54 countries, but my travels through some east, west, central and south west countries plus  having conversed with friends from several African countries has exposed me to some of the similar issues we have in Africa.

I sit and wonder what creates this difference in development; was it the colonization, is it our educational system, is it our attitudes and abilities or perhaps the lack of them that brings this gap. Or even more possibly, is it that we don’t need to develop in the same way as the West sees development.

While still sitting and watching the rain, I got to thinking about the effects of weather on our surroundings and in particular on development.  The thought has always ran through my mind and while conversing with a friend over breakfast, I realized that these same exacts thoughts were shared amongst other people too.

So still sitting and staring out of the window, my mind ran through a 10 degree imagination cycle of how Africa could be different if it experienced snowy winters.

I wondered...If it got to 0 Would we have better planning for harvesting and have improved storage capabilities?

If it got to -1 Would most of the roads be tarred, in order to be able to clear the snow of all the roads?

If it got to -2 Would all the homes have pumped water lines since it would be too cold to stand outside and pump water?

If it got to -3  Would it make us have precise and timely transportation systems so that people do not have to freeze while waiting for them.

If it got to -4  Would it mean no more vendors sitting and selling goods by the road side. Would we would have more shopping malls to house all of them?

If it got to -5 Would all the streets have names and would buildings have numbers in order for people not to be getting lost and freeze while searching?

If it got to -6 Would the cold make us alert since heat makes people lazy, sleepy and tired. Would we thus be more productive. Would also this mean we would be more time conscious as there would be less opportunities for doing outdoor activities?

If it got to -7 Would all the houses be central heated and would that then lead to no more huts and slams and availability of electricity even in the most remote areas?

If it got to -8 Would we be less haunted by malaria and other deadly diseases that pry on the heat?

If it got to -9 Would we not be known as the hot and dark continent that has illusioned many and made many hate their own continent and dark skins?

If it got to -10 Would Africa be Developed?

Guest Post by: Myriam D. Munezero, currently living and studying Computer Science in Finland. I am a woman of Africa originally born in Rwanda in 1984.

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