Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jobs & Career Opportunities with Beauty Parlours / Beauty Salons - Offbeat Careers

Jobs & Career Opportunities with Beauty Parlours / Beauty Salons - Offbeat Careers, Beauty Industry -

The Beauty Industry is one of the most lucrative businesses there is today what with more and more individuals getting increasingly conscious about their looks. Besides well known and large beauty parlours, there are also many smaller, home based beauty salons opening up in every nook and corner. This creates jobs for talented beauty professionals.

Here are some common beauty industry Job Profiles -

Front Desk Head / Receptionist this is the face of the beauty parlour. The person heading this area represents the parlour and interacts with the customers directly, understands their requirements and fixes appointments etc. The receptionist may also take care of presenting bills and receiving cash / credit card payments.

Essential Qualities: pleasant personality, smart, good communication skills. 

Beautician is a trained professional who is an expert in offering skin care, hair care and hair dressing services. A beautician may work in a parlour or become an entrepreneur by opening her own setup and specializing in one or all aspects of beauty care. 

Essential Qualities : professional training, courteous, likeable personality

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