Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspirational Story for Kids - Importance of Water : Content Writer Supports Blog Action Day 2010 Water

Inspirational Story for Kids - Importance of Water : Content Writer Supports Blog Action Day 2010 Water|Start Petition

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson went for a picnic. Their son Timmy and daughter Amy were very excited. It was a bright, cheerful Sunday morning with birds chirping and people smiling. Their mother Trudy had packed a sumptuous picnic basket. It has chicken and cheese sandwiches, jam rolls, buttered buns and a chocolate cake. Colas and juices were stacked with lots of pure and cool drinking water.

They reached their destination which was a beautiful park with swings and slides for the kids.

As the children gobbled lunch, they suddenly saw a small urchin staring at them with a sad expression.

They went and asked him if he was hungry. The little boy said, “I am very thirsty and so is my mother. She lost her job and we have no money to buy food or drink. We have a small cottage about a mile back. The taps in our cottage are all broken and we have no water to drink and no money to buy any water. “

“How can this be”? inquired Timmy. “The taps can be changed, can’t they?”

“Yes, why not but the plumber wants a lot of money. If we give him so much money, we will have no more left to buy food.”

Timmy and Amy took the boy to their parents. When they heard what had happened, they took him in their car and gave him some food and all the drinking water they had. They also promised to send their plumber free of cost so that the taps in his cottage could be repaired.

The boy’s mother thanked them profusely and drank half a bottle of pure magical water then and there.

While returning home, Trudy said, “We keep thanking God for a lot of things but have we ever thanked him for the nectar he provides human kind with? One can bear hunger but not thirst. Let’s all vow to save & conserve water and not waste it due to our negligence.”

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Jen Daiker said...

This was fantastic!! I found you over at Blog Action Day! I joined in on this amazing day to talk about water as well and what a great way to meet other writers as well!!!

I loved your short story, what a great way to share about it!