Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Article : Increase Traffic to Your Website using Organic SEO Practice

Increase Traffic to Your Website using Organic SEO Practice

Making a good website is important but making it technically correct is very important, several companies get their website done and appreciate the developer for his job, very few people know that making a good looking website with lots of Graphics and Flash will not convince search engines to get it index.

Website layout has to be technically acceptable by search engines, search engines see not user friendliness as well as technically correct coding? what is technically correct webpage coding ? the webpage which opens on all the standard browsers is called technically correct webpage coding. If you have made your website in HTML than it should be as per W3C guidelines.

Frame designing is something which search engines don’t like much same as Flash. Lot of people ask what does search engine look in my website so I can get top keywords ranking in search result which they display, top ranking on search engines is not overnight process it takes time and effort, the best way to impress search engines is to have unique quality content on your website which people would like to read, Internet is all about sharing good information and if you have something which people would like then search engines will index your webpage and pick keywords which would be awarded top ranking for selected search.      

Adding quality content and getting one way links skillfully is called search engine optimization also referred as SEO commonly, the job of SEO specialist is to make quality content based on the theme of your website, where he would include targeted keywords in the content, which is normally not more than 4% of the total word count. These articles or content is posted on several article sites in which keywords are anchored back to the targeted website ( website which is to be promoted )

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