Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Gift of Diwali - Short Inspirational Story

The Gift of Diwali - Short Inspirational Story

It was the morning of Diwali. There was an aura of delight in the small town of Allahabad. All the houses looked spruced up. People thronged towards the market place to finish their last minute shopping. Diyas, candles, crackers and sweets were being bought. Amongst all the confusion, Sandhya noticed a sad face. It belonged to a small girl who sat in a corner watching the crowds with big tearful eyes. She seemed alone and vulnerable amongst all the hustle and bustle of the crowded market place. 

Sandhya went up to her "What is wrong dear? Why do you look so sad on Diwali?" she asked. 

The girl did not reply. She turned away but not until Sandhya had seen tears trickling down her cheeks. She went nearer and taking hold of her hand went and sat with her on the nearby bench. 

"Are you alone?" she asked. The girl turned her tearful face towards her and said in the most sad voice Sandhya had ever heard. "Yes, I have no one and no where to go." "Where are your parents?" "They died in an accident a few days back and the landlord has taken everything in our house and sent me away," the girl sobbed. Sandhya felt her pain as if it was her own. 

"Doesn't matter, you can stay with me and my husband. We have no children. From today, you will be my daughter." "Look who is here dear. This is Vanya and she will stay with us forever," said Sandhya to her husband coming back home holding the girl's hand.

The three of them celebrated Diwali happily and Vanya had a look of wonder and happiness on her face while holding a phooljhari.

Sandhya knew that she had celebrated Deepawali in its real sense by helping someone find happiness and security. 

Team Content Writer Wishes you a Happy Diwali!

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