Monday, December 13, 2010

Dancing Careers - Dance Choreographer : Role & Job Profile

Dancing Careers - Dance Choreographer : Role & Job Profile

The entertainment industry today is one of the most popular and fast growing. There is no dearth of opportunities in the field of dance and the profile of a Dance Choreographer is perhaps the most dynamic. Individuals who love to dance, are creative, flexible & trained in different dance forms, experienced in the field of dancing and inclined towards guiding & training others usually opt for a career as a dance choreographer. However, it usually takes many years of experience as a dancer to finally become a professional choreographer and take on its challenging role.

Career / Job Profile of Choreographers: Choreographers are those talented, trained & experienced dancers who take on the task of designing, arranging and coordinating different dance sequences based on a song, drama and the likes. Choreographers may be in charge of just a solo dance, a couple dance or a large dance sequence with a huge team of dancers. They are the actual face behind the entire act.

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