Monday, January 31, 2011

A Miracle for Mom - True Spiritual Experience Of Healing & Faith, Courtesy

A Miracle for Mom - True Spiritual Experience Of Healing & Faith - 

I was always close to my mom; she was everything to me. I can describe my mom as kindhearted, caring, my best friend. I could talk with her more than Dad, confide and ask advice of her. The one thing I will always remember about Mom is how in her later years when I came to visit, how sorry I felt for this woman. Sitting alone in her living room, while Dad was off to church or running errands. She sat alone in her chair next to her window in her housecoat, she always wore a housecoat, didn’t dress up much, for she never had much to buy an expensive wardrobe or go anywhere outside of church on Sundays.Depending mainly on Social Security and Meals on Wheels to survive. I would pray to God at times to allow me to have some money so I could do something really special for her and Dad, something memorable.

I had the opportunity in 1984 to allow them to experience something special. I rented a shore house down the Jersey shore, of which I split the cost with my sisters, it was the first and only vacation they ever experienced during their four decades of marriage, an experience Mom spoke of for years after. My desire was to do it again for them both, but never could. Moving ahead years later my mom suffered through her last years of life. In 1993, she entered the hospital for a valvo-plasty procedure, which should have only kept her hospitalized for a few days. The doctor explained to my family and me that that if she did not have the procedure performed, she would die within a year, a painful death.

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