Friday, March 04, 2011

Who Really is Successful? Guest Post,

Who Really is Successful? Guest Post,

I would have closed my eyes and answered this just a year back. I had seen my cousins living in the US. They had a house there, they were sending us glamorous pictures of them wearing boots standing next to their snow clad garden and their kids spoke to us on phone with an American accent but then I hadn’t met him that time.

He was older than his class mates because he dumped 3 years of his engineering. The Reason? This was not what he wanted to do. I was aghast! Coincidentally we came back to India and started our careers together. He was passionate about manufacturing and defense almost to the extent of eating, drinking and sleeping the subject and I was passionate about earning as much that I wouldn’t ever have to think about spending. Our debates followed - We fought about everything from Indians spitting on road to Indians cheating each other. He on the other hand chose to defend Indians. We fought again. I tried to make him see the money he can make abroad considering he was so good at what he was doing, he quashed my point of view by saying he wants to stay in his country and rather be respected for being an Indian than earn a fat pay cheque outside. I accused him of being too idealistic, even pointed out the world does not work his way. He told me he would prefer to work towards his dream than to regret throwing it away just for money.

Time flew. We were both working and earning a meager amount that barely took us through the month. During hard times, to my surprise I saw him throwing offers from big companies owing to current work commitments, rejecting his parent’s invitation to work abroad but I also saw him proving himself by becoming an indispensable part of projects he took and outshining his peers at work. I knew he was struggling because he would wear faded trousers to work as he didn’t earn enough to buy a new one or he would cook after coming back from work because he couldn’t afford to eat out everyday. And whenever I was close to giving up he sat right beside me, held me tight and made me believe that every one in this world starts small and humility is the best virtue one can ever cultivate. Over the time I spent with him, I have seen myself feeling from being aghast and angry to awed and proud of him.

I don’t know who is successful anymore. Probably my cousins are in worldly terms because they can afford what he can’t right now but what about an Indian who wants to start his own venture, contribute to the growth of the country and wants to make his country proud. What about someone who dares to dream and works as passionately to make it come true.

The other day we were sitting in a park. He asked me to buy a quick fix from a shop close by. Later I saw him quietly mending his broken belt with the glue because he didn’t own another one. Next day at work his boss promoted him as a team leader within 7 months of him joining. The answer of the question above is not difficult anymore. In fact now when I look back, it never was.

Guest Post By: Ankita Mishra

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