Friday, April 01, 2011

Careers in E-Tutoring - Job Profile of E Tutors, Offbeat Career Choice

Careers in E-Tutoring - Job Profile of E Tutors

The concept of E-Tutoring is gaining prominence in India and largely involves an Indian E Tutor who offers tuitions to students spread across the globe (especially in US and UK) using the internet, thus referred to as E-tuitions. Providing online lessons is the in-thing today and makes the job of the e-tutor very important. Besides providing flexibility, the job also offers a steady income.
Essentials of E-Tutoring - How To Make A Career As An E-Tutor A Success:      

To be a successful e-tutor, you must

    *       Be proficient in the subject you wish to teach.
    *      Have access to a personal computer with broadband internet access, a microphone and speakers.
    *     Be willing to work according to the different time zones depending on the country in which your pupil is based. 

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