Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrating International Day of Compassion - True Story: Innocent Compassion

Celebrating International Day of Compassion - True Story : Innocent Compassion

Compassion is one of the greatest values a person possesses which makes him or her true human being. Compassion is what differentiates humans from other life species. If you do not have kindness for others, your heart is beating but without the rhythm of life.

This value system was instilled in me since childhood. My parents taught me to be thoughtful about others before thinking of myself.

As a small girl, I had a Nanny to look after me. She was a sweet, old woman who came from a very poor family and her small trunk contained a few garments and a silver necklace.  
During the summer months, she had no problem but during winters, she made do with a couple of torn and tattered sweaters and a not so warm blanket. Whenever asked if she needed more woollens, she would say, “No memsaab, I have more than enough.” I used to see her washing and sewing her old worn sweaters with much care.

One day a salesman came to our house, selling woollen shawls of all kinds. Everyone in the family bought a shawl from him. My parents bought me a nice, blue shawl. I was thrilled with it.
As days passed, it grew colder and everyone started using their new colorful shawls.

As I came running to my room with my new shawl adorning my shoulders, I noticed my nanny sitting and sewing her torn sweater, shivering with cold. It did not take me more than half a second to decide that the shawl on my back was not really needed by me. I had lots more.

I stepped forward and quickly wrapped the blue shawl around the old woman’s shivering body. She immediately took it off saying, “No, this is your new shawl. Memsaab bought it for you. I’ll ask her for an old one.” I shook my head and said in my childish way, “If you won’t take this, I’ll never talk to you again.”

She hugged me with tears in her eyes and smiled her special toothless smile at me. Unites with fellow bloggers across the world on International Day of Compassion - 15th May, 2011


Antony said...

Thank you so much for sharing this message with your audience.



askcherlock said...

Just a beautiful post! Thank you so much for showing your support for compassion, much the way Dr. Patch Adams does.rettolo

Content Writer India said...

Thanks Antony and Askcherlock for appreciating our humble involvement in celebrating International Day of Compassion!

Arch said...

loved this story :)