Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Manage Time Effectively? Importance of Time Management

How to Manage Time Effectively? Importance of Time Management

Time Management is the key to Success

How often have you found yourself complaining about not having time for anything? It is an undeniable fact that we have only 24 hours in a day to complete all our chores, take care of our daily responsibilities and even find sufficient time for rest, relaxation and recreation. However, how we organise our lives within these limited 24 hours each day is the true essence of effective time management.     

Who should practice Time Management?

Time Management is an essential skill that should be developed over time through constant practice. Both kids and adults alike must get into the habit of managing their time effectively. These days students are under immense pressure to perform; with school work, after-school activities, tuition, projects and special classes vying for their time and energy, leaving little scope for much-needed recreation in the form of outdoor activities, sports etc.

Even working professionals are finding it impossible to manage their work and personal life effectively what with difficult targets and deadlines to worry about.

Given the complexities of modern day life, it is essential for each one of us to learn how to manage our time effectively if we want to live a happy, contented and well organised life.

How to Practice Time Management?
Now that you’ve realised the importance of managing your time efficiently, let’s take a look at some simple tips towards healthy time management –

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