Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Babu and Fluffy, the Kitten - Story for Children

Babu and Fluffy, the Kitten - Story for Children

Babu was like any other little boy of his age; tall, thin and charming with bright eyes and prominent ears. He went to school, played with friends, and did all the small things boys of his age were doing. He threw the same types of tantrums like his peers. Most of all, he disliked when his parents told him to do things, and felt that they are troubling him unnecessarily. At the time of this story, having a pet had become a fashion among children. Babu was no exception, and he yearned to have a pet, preferably a cat. Fortunately, his friend Vinay, who lived close by, had a cat by name Ginju.

Ginju was a handsome female with golden brown stripes over her body, and was about to litter any day. So Vinay suggested that Babu ask his mother, Meena aunty to let him adopt a kitten. After due deliberations at home, a delegation led by Mohan anna was dispatched on the “mission” and succeeded in convincing Meena aunty that Babu would look after the kitten well.

So, the boys were anxiously waiting for the D-day, which was fast approaching. One fine morning, Vinay banged on the door to inform Babu the happy news ¬? “Ginju had littered”. There were five beautiful kittens; and Babu chose the one with grey stripes and fluffy fur. It was a Tom and he named him “Fluffy”.

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