Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sikkim Sojourn, Exploring North East - Travelogue, India

Sikkim Sojourn, Exploring North East - Travelogue, India

As an avid hit-the-highway enthusiast, in a profession that mandates extensive travel, & as a loyal subscriber of 'Outlook Traveller' for close to its decade-run, penning down a travelogue has been on the top of my 'to-do' list for ages. So this time when my family planned to explore north-east during my daughter's summer vacations, I made it a point to take down copious notes of our travel experiences.

A family of three with a young daughter, we have a penchant for exploring every corner of the country which are offbeat, & offer lovely drives & walks (where the journey itself is the destination). Nestled between three countries, in the midst of Himalayas, hosting the tallest peak in India, a relatively new & unexplored state, and with a distinct history & culture - Sikkim - was our eventual choice this time both by default & design (accessibility, availability, timelines & budget playing a role as well).

We set-off from Kolkata to Siliguri on Friday evening in a Mercedes-Benz Volvo bus run by Jai Dada travels. A long but comfortable overnight journey got us to the bustling trade town of Siliguri (which serves as a conduit for access to North-Eastern States).           

Having pre-booked our Innova from Siliguri, we were eager to set our wheels on this part of the Himalayas. It was a scenic 4-hour drive along the river 'Teesta'. The lower-hills though, have a layer of brown soil which seem shallow & coarse. With the imminent rains, we were given to understand that erosion causes frequent landslides, thereby cutting off upcountry from the urban centers. It is therefore advisable to visit before mid-June. 

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