Friday, October 28, 2011

Short Story About Downs' Syndrome - A Birthday Gift

Short Story About Downs' Syndrome - A Birthday Gift

Mr. Sen glanced towards the wall, the hands of the clock indicated that it was three in the afternoon. He would have to leave office right away and go for his appointment with the doctor. He looked up at his assistant Shrabasti, sitting in front of him and announced that he had to leave immediately and that she should finish the pending work before she left for the day. Shrabasti looked up with a start slowly coming out of her thoughts and nodded slowly. Mr. Sen had noticed recently that his assistant had become absent minded. She had always been a star performer and the different departments of the organization vied to have her services. Mr. Sen had fought quite doggedly to retain her in this section but certain personal issues had mentally disturbed Shrabasti to quite an extent and he was well aware of that. He had tried to be as helpful as possible in his own way but deep inside he knew that no amount of sympathy was enough to make her feel better.

Mr. Sen packed his Tiffin and umbrella into his smart looking leather bag and made his way out of the office. “See you tomorrow” he said as he left. Shrabasti nodded in acknowledgement. The figures on the paper made little sense to her at the moment. Her mind had been wandering and trying to push back the thoughts did not help. They came back to haunt her and the deep uncertainty of the situation made her uneasy. Shrabasti, sat up straight and looked at her watch. It was three-thirty, Gargi and Babita her two colleagues peeped into the chamber and found that Mr. Sen had left. “Shrabasti Di, what are you doing?

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Anonymous said...

Amazing story! Would love to read the rest. I'm guessing you're a published author?