Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrating Children's Day - Short Story for Kids - Toby, the Faithful Horse

Celebrating Children's Day - Short Story for Kids - Toby, the Faithful Horse

In a small village, there lived a brother and sister who had a horse for a pet. It was called Toby. Both Tom the 10 year old brother and Tracy the 5 year old sister loved Toby with all their heart. Toby too, was very attached to them and understood their needs and wants.

Around their house, there were green meadows and undulating land with a small stream at the edge. After coming back from their nearby school the children were kept busy by Toby. Their father, Jim, used to do the grooming of Toby as well as Prince, the other horse. Whenever Julia, Jim's wife used to visit the village shop, she never forgot to get sugar cubes for the children to give to Toby.

One day, both the children went riding on Toby and ventured a bit further than they used to go. They discovered a valley full of lovely flowers and ripe fruits. They tied Toby's rein to an Apple Tree and since no one was about, they plucked some apples and berries for their mother. Just when they were about to leave, a dark and burly stranger appeared and stopped them.

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Unknown said...

I wish there was a way Toby could tell where he had been.