Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Musings, India - Letter From a Mother to a Daughter

Musings, India - Letter From a Mother to a Daughter

My Precious Darling, Today I wish to share a few thoughts with you that have often wandered across my mind when I am away from you. You, my dearest daughter, have been my greatest teacher and me, becoming your mother, has been my greatest learning. Before you came into my life, I learnt that the best things in life are unexpected because there are no expectations.            

When you were born I learnt that the greatest pain brings with it the greatest achievements. When you gave me your toothless smiles, I experienced joy that none else gives.

When you cried, my heart tore and I learnt that I was a safe haven capable of providing refuge. When you took your first steps holding my hand, I learnt that I have the power to guide.

When you first uttered ‘Mama’, I experienced fulfillment that only you can give. When you first stepped out of the cocoon of your home into the portals of school, I learnt that I had to let go. 

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