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Tryst with Nature - Gardens & Parks in New Delhi, India

Tryst with Nature - Gardens & Parks in New Delhi, India

A visit to New Delhi can never be boring! After all, destination Delhi offers plenty of choices for recreation and entertainment. There is much to do here for people of all age groups. From musuems, art galleries and historical monuments to shopping malls, eateries, sports complex and live musical performances, Delhi offers a huge variety of fun activities for people to indulge in.

However, for those times when you're in the mood for some quiet solitude and wish to connect with nature and its beauty, you can head out on a nature walk across a multitude of lush green parks and gardens that sprawl the length and breadth of the city. Thanks to these well maintained parks and gardens, Delhi has quickly acquired a reputation of being a green haven. The northern and southern ridge areas are especially well known for their greenery.

Let's take a look at some popular Parks and Gardens of New Delhi -

1. Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Located on Lodhi Road, Lodhi Garden is a popular garden in Delhi, frequently visited by Delhiites for morning walks, jogging, picnics and recreational activities. Besides the green lush gardens, tall trees, flower beds and meandering pathways, here you will also find the tomb of Mohammed Shah and other Lodhi Kings. Lodhi Gardens also house the well known Bara Gumbad (Big Dome) mosque and the Sheesh Gumbad (Glazed Dome), dating back to 1494 which are now under the care of ASI. Another must-visit here is the National Bonsai Park.

2. Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi

Named after India's first Prime Minister Jawarhar Lal Nehru, Nehru Park in Delhi is another well known park located in one of Delhi's posh localities. The park was established in 1969. Here you will find lush greenery, flowering shrubs and much more. Over the years, Nehru Park has gained tremendous popularity as a venue for musical performances and concerts by Indian and International artists, organised under 'Morning Ragas' and 'Evening Ragas'. Thus Nehru Park is not just a beautiful park, it is also a destination for music lovers.

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