Monday, December 05, 2011

Making the Right First Impression in your New Job - Career Tips

Making the Right First Impression in your New Job - Career Tips
You’ve got a new job and you’re really looking forward to giving it your best. The next step is to direct all your energies into giving your 100% in making just the right first impression on the job. This is because the first few days on a new job are crucial and set the right tone for times to come.

Here are some simple tips that can prepare you for the new job and help you to make the right first impression –       

1. Dress smartly and professionally – The way you dress and your overall appearance says a lot about you degree of professionalism. Being well groomed is definitely more appreciable than having an unkempt look.

2. Value time and be punctual – In the first few weeks on the job, everything you do is under close scrutiny. Hence, make sure to reach office on time. It is also recommended to leave only around the time when everyone else is leaving.

3. Maintain a Good Attendance –
Avoid being irregular especially during the first few months on the new job. By being at work on time everyday, you will display your professional attitude and create a good first impression.

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