Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tips on How to Do Well During an HR Interview

Tips on How to Do Well During an HR Interview

A lot of candidates in the IT Industry take the HR round for granted. They think that getting shortlisted after the Technical round would be good enough to get them the job offer and that the HR Round is a mere formality. But a good number of candidates have got rejected in the HR round despite doing well in the Technical rounds. The candidate has to impress the HR heads with their vision & attitude. The HR rounds must be taken seriously. After all, it decides on your compensation.

The Human Resources department has always been taken for a ride by the employees. But Human Resources Department plays a great role in career growth, onsite opportunities, promotions and welfare for any employee in the organization.  A good rapport with this department will be of huge benefit for your career. So make sure to build a good rapport during the HR round of interview with the organization's HR heads.

Here are a few tips below to do well during the HR Round & make a good impression:

1. Research well about the organization where you are going for the interview. Please read through the company’s website or read some articles about the company. Also make sure to read about the company's profile, the nature of services they provide and about their clients.

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