Friday, January 13, 2012

Shop Till You Drop in Singapore - Where to Shop in Singapore?

Shop Till You Drop in Singapore - Where to Shop in Singapore?

If you love to shop, you must plan your next holiday in Singapore. In addition to its wonderful tourist attractions, Singapore is also popularly known as a shopper’s paradise. Today, Singapore is home to numerous large and expensive Shopping Malls selling every brand possible as well as small, cozy outlets for those who are looking for great deals. Most of the well known shopping malls of Singapore are situated along the Orchard Road and City Hall belts. Those of you who prefer street shopping will find a large variety of ethnic shops at Chinatown, Little India & Arab Street.

The best time to visit Singapore, especially for shoppers is during the much-awaited Great Singapore Sale that usually takes place between the end of May and end of July, every year. During this time, almost all brands and stores offer amazing discounts and run exceptional promotional offers. Needless to say, Singapore is abuzz with activity during the Great Sale and attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Opportunities for Shopping at Singapore's Changi Airport - Those who have been to Singapore are sure to tell you to reach the Changi Airport well in advance so that you can shop to your heart's content before leaving Singapore.     

No matter how much you may have already shopped during your holiday in Singapore, you are sure to find something more that you would want to buy at this world-class Airport. Options are large, hence make sure to keep some time on your hands so that you can explore and enjoy duty free shopping and avail some amazing bargains, especially for travellers.

Some of the must-visits here include Choco Fantasia - large assortment of branded Chocolates, Discover Singapore - tshirts, key chains, cell phone bags and other souvenirs, Madame Butterfly, Giordano, Singapore Zoo Souvenier Shop and much more.

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