Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Search For a Tall Dark Handsome Guy - Short Stories, India

My Search For A TDH Guy - Short Stories, India

He was tall, dark and handsome (TDH). I had read it the umpteenth time. He had sharp features and deep dark eyes which could look right through you. Could I ever meet such a man? Guess, I had read too many Mills and Boon novels. This time I vowed I would not pick up M&B and try some other book. With deep determination I marched to the library. After 10 minutes of browsing through so many books I ended up right in front of the M&B section. A new book which I hadn’t read caught my eye. With a flicker I picked it up and walked out (not a trace of guilt for having broken my promise).

The picture on the paperback was enigmatic. I was yet to see a man so handsome in real life. He was not tall or dark though he was handsome. I loved the story. But my mind went back to the TDH type of hero. Wish I had picked up another book.

Dreaming of meeting my real life hero one day, I anticipated each day to be that day. It has been two years now and am still looking. My hopes are a wee bit shattered. But all hope is not lost yet. I have loads of time till my parents start searching for a groom for me.

In pursuit of my hero I completed education and landed a job. Many men colleagues approached me for a friendly date. I politely denied those offers. In my heart was the TDH hero who would come in my life (maybe on a black stallion). He would be dashing and would just take me off my feet. Maybe the black stallion was going a bit too far as I was in the crowded city unlike the heroines of the book who lived on ranches. Maybe a high speed BMW would suit the TDH guy. So that was decided.

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