Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Near Death Experience - True Spiritual Episode

A Near Death Experience - True Spiritual Episode
Courtesy: www.writershideout.net
This is an incident which when heard about, made us believe that nothing happens to the one who is protected by God.

One of my mother’s cousin sisters was once taken ill. She was ailing from severe stomach problems from a long time due to which she had become very thin and frail. As the disease caught on with her, she found her self unable to eat, drink, sleep or take care of her family whom she loved with all her heart.

All the doctors in her native town had told her that she wouldn’t live long. On hearing this, her family became very desperate and brought her to Patna to consult with the most senior and well known surgeon there. The doctor informed the family that he could try to save her life but for this he would have to operate on her soon. Things were arranged quickly enough but by then, my aunt was very ill indeed. She was brought to the operation table but was too weak to know what was happening to her and couldn’t even open her eyes anymore. The assistant doctors had no hope for her survival but the senior surgeon still had hopes.

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