Monday, July 16, 2012

Tips for Organising your Kitchen & Kitchen Space

Tips for Organising your Kitchen & Kitchen Space

The kitchen is as much an important part of the home as any other room. No matter how big or small it may be it makes sense to spend a little time in organizing the kitchen space. After all, a well planned and organised kitchen can save a lot of time and make life simpler while cooking.

If you have a compact kitchen, it is best to plan out what goes where so that space is not wasted. Whether you are in the process of building a new kitchen or in the mood to totally reorganize your kitchen space, these tips will be handy -
Kitchen Cabinets - Invest in a medium to large sized cabinet that will provide enough storage space for your utensils, cutlery etc. If you prefer tailor made kitchen cabinets, drawers etc that meet your specific requirements, bring in professionals who can deliver custom made cabinets just for you. Cabinets can be set up at the base level or at an elevation by fitting them on walls. Easy access is a must for each member of the family so pay attention to the ideal spacing of kitchen cabinets. Remember, the secret to a functional kitchen is proper planning and using space saving techniques.

Drawers & Shelves - While planning your kitchen space, make sure you keep enough room for spacious drawers and shelves which can be used for storing cutlery, extra reserves of cereal, pulses etc. Invest in a wall shelf with pegs that can be attached to the wall. Use this to hang aprons, tongs, oven gloves etc.

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Jane Solis said...

Thanks for your tips in organizing cabinets. My cabinet is so messy and not organized. Keep it up!