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What are Stringed Musical Instruments - Types & Varieties - Courtesy

What are Stringed Musical Instruments? Types & Varieties of String Instruments - Courtesy

Stringed Instruments are an important family of Musical Instruments that produce sound when their strings are vibrated. 

The vibration occurs when the strings of the instrument are held at an appropriate tension and plucked, struck or bowed. These instruments are usually categorized based on the method which is used to produce sound.

Varieties of Stringed Instruments
The most common categories of Stringed Musical Instruments include - 
  • Plucked String Instruments include instruments like the Guitar, Violin etc that produce sound when their strings are plucked with the fingernails, fingers, a pick or a plectrum. 
  • Struck String Instruments produce sound when their strings are hit by hammers or beaters. 
  • Bowed Instruments such as the viol and double bass etc produce sound when their strings are played / brushed with materials such as horsehair etc.
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