Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fake Candidates, Major Headache for Recruiters - HR Article

Fake Candidates, Major Headache for Recruiters - HR Article

In the IT Industry, the biggest problem for recruiters are those candidates who show fake work experience in their resumes and while attending interviews. It is becoming a major problem and there is an increase in the number of candidates who show fake experience. It can be their work experience, education and references.

Why do candidates show fake experience? The reason is simple - they want to work at a higher position with higher salary. They don’t want to struggle and grow. These type of candidates look only for shortcuts in life.

If someone is being unethical during the time of interview, how can we trust them in corporate organizations with so much confidential information?

Tomorrow these candidates can share company and client information with other organizations. These youngsters are not being guided properly and they don’t know how things can go against them! The candidates who produce fake experience letters do not understand that their actions will not help in taking them a long way.

Almost all big and mid level organizations have stringent background verifications. There are both internal and external background verifications happening for each new employee. The truth can’t be hidden for too long. Fake candidates will fail in their background verifications and will eventually have to leave the company due to unethical practices. This would result in lack of respect among your colleagues and you will have a black mark in your career. This will pinch you for a long time.
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