Saturday, September 01, 2012

Poetry on Environment & Gifts of Nature

Poetry on Environment & Gifts of Nature
  • Abundance
The dancing leaves on the Peepal tree are telling me life is to be lived free.
The birds and squirrels resting on the tree seem to enjoy life more than me.
A human mind is always on the move trying to accomplish deeds and to prove
that he can conquer mother Earth completely, forgetting that God rules justifiably.

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  • The Mighty Oak
The Mighty Oak
Said the oak to the grass
You are tiny and crass
Look at me so mighty and tall
So strong, never could I fall

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  •  Horizon
The wind ruffles the wispy blooms of the tree..
A touch of green highlights its beauty
Dainty clouds weave through the sky's expanse..
And duel with the sun's brilliance..

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  • Winter Days
winter days winter days
its chilly and you're alone
when the mercury dips down
dig into a hot scone...

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  • Jewels of Nature
With leaves of gold and green,
And branches that do lean
On the wind that pants and heaves,
And rustles through the leaves; 

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  • Morning
Morning light streams to greet
A content feel I wake from sleep
Time that ticks my moments hue

Comforting thoughts I think of you.
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