Saturday, October 20, 2012

God, The Essence of My Life - True Spiritual Experience

God, The Essence of My Life - True Spiritual Experience

Recalling the bygone days, I have realized that GOD is the essence of my life and without HIM my life has no existence or meaning. One day while going through the newspaper I came across a job vacancy in a school. As my daily chore, I picked up my resume and other documents and landed at the mentioned address. When I reached there I was shocked to see the state of the school, what you can say as a cluttered and messy environment. Nothing seemed to appeal to my senses neither the staff nor the students and their behavior. Somehow taking control of my dislikes I appeared before the panel of committee members. After a brief discussion they offered me a job as an English teacher with a meager compensation of rupees two thousand per month. I was bewildered. At the back of my mind I visualized helping my father, but personally I just wanted to escape that atmosphere.

Somehow I reconciled with the management and got ready to join the very next day, but my heart was brimmed with disappointment. I came home with a false smile and told my parents about the recruitment. It seemed as if their faces had an expression of content which was more valuable to me than my personal likes. So next day started a series of distress and ordeal as expected. On my way to school there was temple ,daily while passing through that temple I prayed whole heartedly to God that “Is this what I deserve?,” as my gold medal and merit degrees never approved of my job in that vicinity. Many times I poured out my heart before god and cried bitterly but then thought this was my destiny.

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